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Tent Pinguin Tornado 2 duralu

Tent Pinguin Tornado 2 duralu

Dome of domed construction with two entrances and halls .. more

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Tent Pinguin Tornado 2 duralu

Dome of domed construction with two entrances and vestibules and with two transverse top bars. The halls are high enough, the rigidity of the construction predestines the tent for use even in more demanding conditions.

Tropiko is made of Polyester with a polyurethane coating, guaranteeing a water column with a height of 4,000 mm. The seams are sealed with waterproof tape.

The floor is made of Nylon with a Polyurethane coating, providing 10,000 mm of water column.

The rods consist of Dural (7001) segments with a diameter of 8.5 mm (main rods) and 9.5 mm (hall supports).


  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Weight without bedroom: 2.7 kg
  • Dimensions after packing: ⌀20 x 46 cm Number persons: 2 - 3 Number entrances: 2
  • Construction: Dome
  • Number air vents: 2 Number bars / crossing points: 4/5
  • Can be built without a bedroom: Yes
  • Height tent (bedroom): 124 (115) cm
  • Siliconized: Keen.
  • Glued seams: Yes
  • Number pins: 16
  • Category: Trekking
    Material Rods: Dural 7001 T6 Diameter bars: 8.5 mm Material tropico: Polyester, PU coating 4,000mm H2O Material floor: Nylon, PU coating 10,000mm H2O
Description of the tent

The tent is double-skinned and consists of an inner tent and an outer skin - a tropic. The inner tent has a rectangular floor plan with two entrances on its longer sides. The outer tent is an octagon, it also has two entrances in which there are two halls, suitable for example for storing luggage or cooking in case of bad weather.

Tent concept

It is based on the principle that the bar structure is strung in tunnels outside the tropics. The tropic and the inner tent (which is hung under the tropic) are built at the same time after the rods are threaded through the tunnels. The advantage of this method is that the inner tent can be detached from the tropics and the tropics can then be set up separately. We get a single-layer tent without a floor.


It is located at the top of the dome of the tropics. The roofs of the ventilation windows are shaped so that they are not tilted by the wind, if necessary they can be closed with Velcro. This prevents leakage even in rain with strong winds.

Tent construction

Insert the bars of the structure through the tunnels outside the tropics and insert the ends of the bars into the brass eyelets on the loops of the lower edge of the tropics. Then we fasten the buckles on the straps at the ground inside the tent and thus the tropico will stand. We fasten the inner tent in the loops on the inner side of the tropics. We anchor the erected tent with pegs and cords and complete it with plastic clips.


    Brands: Pinguin
    Intrastat: Stany - 4,00 - 63062200
    Availability: 3 days


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