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Headwear Kama AW19 110 black

Headwear Kama AW19 110 black

Knitted hat Kama. .. more

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Headwear Kama AW19 110 black

                  • Self-colored hat made ​​of soft knitted yarn 50/50 Merino wool / acrylic
                  • Inside the bar Windstopper Softshell functional lining
                  • Universal size (head circumference 54-62 cm)

                  Basic rules for the treatment of wool products

                  Hand wash
                  - The product should be hand washed in lukewarm bath of 30 ° C max. Then gently squeeze and dry in a horizontal position, preferably on a towel. When rinsing gradually reduce the bath temperature to prevent precipitation or deformation.

                  - The product is machine washable. Use only wool program that respects friendly washing (suitable temperature and reduced spin speed).

                  - Use mild detergents for wool and both hand wash and machine washable.

                  - Do not dry the product at the radiator. If the heating temperature exceeds 30 ° C (and this is quite normal) water contained in the fabric is also heated above 30 ° C and the product was precipitated in the same manner as when improper washing.

                  Do not use fabric softener!

                  Washing in warmer water (more than 30 ° C) and long grinding washable product degrade mat the fabric, the fabric will collide. Thus the spilled product can not be claimed.


                  Size Description Head circumference in cm
                  XS 9 months - 3 years 44-49
                  S 2-6 years 50-56
                  M smaller adults (womens) / school children (6-12 years) 54-58
                  L more adult (men) 56-62
                  Children UNI universal size for children (3-12 years) 48-56
                  Adult UNI universal adult size 54-62



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