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Laundry detergent Atsko Sports wash 500ml

Laundry detergent Atsko Sports wash 500ml


Highly effective detergent. 18 work benefits. .. more

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Laundry detergent Atsko Sports wash 500ml

Detergent Sport-Wash ® is reliable for use on all washable textiles, yet is powerful enough to remove most stubborn stains odors (eg clay, grass and blood).

Secrets of Sport-Wash ® is the fact that, unlike detergents that leave the garment optical brighteners, fragrances and other residues, in the midst of Sport-Wash ® leaves no residue. On your clothes left nothing to clogged pores of the fabric.

Cotton, wool and synthetic materials remain completely clean. Isolation of a feather fill and the type of materials and Thinsulate ® ® Hollofil remain fluffy in order to keep maximum heat. The HI-TECH fabric as Gelanots ®, fabrics of BlocVent brand ®, Gore-Tex ®, Climatic ®, eVent ®, Entrant ®, HyVent ®, Polartec ®, Soft Shell, etc. restores the water repellency and breathability. For non-absorbent fibers, fabrics wicking body moisture to the surface promotes capillarity.

Restores water repellency and breathability durable water repellent finish (DWR) from the factory. Helps extend the life of frequently washed clothes. It does not contain bleach, phosphates, fabric softener (fabric softener) nor smelling or UV-brightening ingredients.

Some detergents are designed to have left in your clothes different fragrances, brighteners, surfactants and other chemicals that make up the time to 2% by weight of clothing. These residues cause loss of water repellency, capillarity, permeability and other utility properties of textiles after one or two washings. Even these residues can Sport-Wash ® to remove. After washing of the Sport-Wash ® does not leave any residue in the materials.

Detergent Sport-Wash ® is nanotechnology. Resource Sport-Wash ® leaves no perfect its ability to rinse anything that might give flavor or odor, clogged vents or reflect light with optical brighteners.

Although the means of Sport-Wash ® does not contain phosphates to "brighten" your clothes, you will see that it does not reduce its effectiveness, because it washed fabrics are cleaner and clearer than with any other detergent.

If you or anyone in your family sensitive skin or are allergic to the residue in the fabric leaving some common detergents, use detergent Sport-Wash ®. The clothing is completely rinsed out, and will not cause a rash, redness and skin irritation.


Brands: Atsko
Intrastat: Impregnace - 0,50 - 34039100
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Women dimensions


34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Height (cm) 163-166 165-168 167-172 171-174 173-176 175-178 177-180
Chest circumference (cm) 80-83 84-87 88-91 92-95 96-99 100-103 104-107

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers
68-71 71-75 75-79 79-83 83-87 87-91 91-95

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers


with elastic waist
66-77 70-81 74-85 78-89 82-93 86-97 90-101
Hips (cm) 88-92 92-96 96-100 100-104 104-108 108-112 112-116
Sleeve length (cm) 76-77 77-78 79-80 81-82 82-83 83-84 84-85



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