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Sleeping pad YATE Extreme Lite 3,8 green

Sleeping pad YATE Extreme Lite 3,8 green


Lightweight inner material and shape of a mummy = super mat for demanding conditions. .. more

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Sleeping pad YATE Extreme Lite 3,8 green

Lightweight inner material and shape of a mummy. Model EXTREME LITE 3.8 is a lightweight, yet luxuriously comfortable mattress demanding conditions. When worn in a backpack not wear extra unnecessary programs and yet can sleep comfortably. When packing can be folded in half!

Valve "Push in" - just hit the snooze button and have seals, turn the lock. The product includes shipping container, belt tightening, and repair kit.


  • Material: Polyester 75 D
  • Color: light green / gray
  • Weight: 730 g
  • Size: 183x51x3,8 cm
  • Package size: 14x26 cm
  • Thermal resistance: 3.9
  • General product information
  • Warranty period 24 months
  • Producer Yate


Modern products are generally not only nice to look at, but hidden inside a lot of gadgets and details that are not visible, but significantly improve the quality of the product and make it exceptional. For self-inflating mats are the most important three factors: 1) low weight, 2) small volume in a collapsed state, and 3) long životnost.Nízkou weight is achieved by selecting the best quality materials for both the surface and core. The material must be lightweight, yet strong and durable. Weight reduction is achieved also strain the inner foam. But it must not be at the expense of convenience and the ability to isolate the well. Selection of materials and relief has a significant impact on the size of packed výrobku.Všechny our products have double insulation layer to prevent leakage of air, which is laminated to the outer fabric. It provides high protection and long product life. Each mat is 24 hours after production tested, thereby eliminating the risk of delivery of a defective product from production.

Thermal resistance

Quantity that is increasingly at karimatek shows. Thermal resistance - R is a physical quantity that expresses thermal-insulating properties of the material. It is directly dependent on the material thickness and?. In achieving the highest possible value of R is intended that the thickness of the material was the biggest and value? individual materials as low as possible. The thermal resistance R expresses the resistance of one square meter of material impervious to heat at a temperature difference of 1 K. The thermal conductivity? expresses the property of the material to conduct heat. It is the value of energy in W that passes through the material thickness of 1 m at a temperature difference of 1 K between the surfaces of the material. Legend: R = d /? (M2.KW-1); d - material thickness (m); ? - Coefficient of thermal conductivity (Wm-1.K-1)


Brands: Yate
Intrastat: Mats ostatní - 0,90 - 63064900
Availability: 3 days


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