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Hanging exercising system YATE GTX

Hanging exercising system YATE GTX


The strengthening of all muscle groups of the body's own weight. .. more

Availability: 3 days

or £24,90

Hanging exercising system YATE GTX

GTX - HANG Booster System

  • Strengthening of all muscle groups own body weight
  • TRAINING coordination and balance
  • HANG on a trapeze or door
  • Adjustable length strap
  • TWO BELTS-SIDE provides greater convenience and safety while exercising. ESPECIAL LY DURING SUSPENSION TO DOOR Nedra neck
  • Easy transportation allows you to train ANYWHERE - at home, in the park, fitness, traveling, staying at the hotel ATD.

Please note:

  • When hanging for sufficient strength hanging point
  • When fastening the door to avoid opening unexpected doors
  • Before the exercise, make sure you set straps
  • Warm muscles before exercise, for example, using Fitbandu YATE
  • Feel your body, do not overload the muscle groups. When used improperly threatening injuries. Prevent problems by consulting your physician, physical therapist or trainer
  • Use the straps and store in places where there is no risk of mechanical or other damage. Avoid especially sharp objects
  • Make sure that the floor does not slide
  • The manufacturer is not liable for injuries and damages caused by the use GTX - suspension system booster
  • Capacity: 150 kg

Package includes:

  • 2x adjustable strap with handles, max. Length 190 cm
  • 2x strap with a snap hook for fastening to the structure
  • 2x strap anchor in the door
  • 1 bag



  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: length 190 cm



Brands: Yate
Intrastat: Floorball, expandery - 1,20 - 95069190
Availability: 3 days


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