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Impregnation Atsko Silicone water-guard 350 ml

Impregnation Atsko Silicone water-guard 350 ml


Impregnation spray, usable on leather and textiles, cotton, canvas and all other fabrics. .. more

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Impregnation Atsko Silicone water-guard 350 ml

Silicone Water-Guard® is a product for surface treatment of footwear, clothing, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. against soaking and soiling. Original, very effective composition for fabrics made of natural absorbent fibers (cotton, etc.), synthetic fibers such as nylon-polyamide, polyester and others, fiber mixtures, for fleece, laminated, coating, non-woven and other fabrics, for suede, brushed leather (nubuck, velor) and split (split).

Compared to competing products, up to it has 30% longer treatment life and efficacy.

  • very powerful water-repellent impregnation on suede, cut and split leather
  • for all fabrics
  • original very effective composition
  • for products with Gore-Tex® membrane, etc.
  • on smooth skin impregnated with silicone from the factory
  • allows materials to breathe
  • repels dirt and salt
  • does not contain chlorine solvents
  • freon-free (CFC's)
  • only one spray is needed

For leather shoes with a smooth face impregnated during production with silicone, it restores this impregnation from production.

It allows materials to breathe, and therefore it can safely and reliably treat outer surface clothing, footwear and other products with waterproof, breathable systems, such as Gore-Tex®, etc. It is safe to use on products with feather and synthetic insulation.

It repels dirt and grit, protecting surface clothing and footwear from dirt and stains.

It does not emit any odor when dried and matured.

Silicone Water-Guard® contains a special highly catalyzed silicone with cross-linked polymers, which guarantees the highest achievable level of water repellency and durability. Just one application is enough. One application is more effective than two and lasts longer.

Silicone Water-Guard® does not contain chlorine solvents. The aerosol product does not contain CFCs or any other ozone depleting substances and does not use 50 up to 80 g of highly flammable propane-isobutane gas (hydrocarbon) as propellant as with some other products, but only 3.5 g of environmentally safe CO2.

Silicone Water-Guard® also protects wood, concrete, bricks, stone, tarpaulins, awnings, parasols, umbrellas, tarpaulins, outdoor furniture, etc.


Brands: Atsko
Intrastat: Impregnace - 0,50 - 34039100
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Women dimensions


34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Height (cm) 163-166 165-168 167-172 171-174 173-176 175-178 177-180
Chest circumference (cm) 80-83 84-87 88-91 92-95 96-99 100-103 104-107

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers
68-71 71-75 75-79 79-83 83-87 87-91 91-95

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers


with elastic waist
66-77 70-81 74-85 78-89 82-93 86-97 90-101
Hips (cm) 88-92 92-96 96-100 100-104 104-108 108-112 112-116
Sleeve length (cm) 76-77 77-78 79-80 81-82 82-83 83-84 84-85



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