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Ice spikes SNOWLINE For

Ice spikes SNOWLINE For

Safety-slip shoe covers (nesmeky). .. more

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Ice spikes SNOWLINE For

Steel spikes řetízcích on the soles of your shoes. Facilitate walking and running on icy terrain, ice, snowy road, difficult terrain with the risk of slipping. They're not cats, but performs a similar role - provide stability and certainty in the field, where there is slipping regardless of the sample material and the sole.

Nesmeky are very popular outdoor tool for all who claim to be on tour in the spring or autumn weather when the night frosts make the roads dangerous slides, and when the remnants of snow or ice turns to a solid path.

The perfect accessory is therefore for hunters, loggers and all the people that work drives into the countryside in almost any weather.

Nesmeky are very popular with runners and athletes who run through the winter in the wild within the physical preparation. Unlike other utilities nesmeky allow safe running on almost all types of terrain you will encounter in suburban conditions in the fields and woods.

Nesmeky can be deployed very quickly thanks to a perfect elastomer upper fits perfectly on maratonkách, lightweight hiking shoes, hiking boots and winter boots.

  • 10 mm long steel spikes quality
  • Elastomer strap remains flexible even in the cold, tested at - 60 ° C
  • Deployment of shoes for a few seconds
  • for all conceivable types of shoes to use in winter sport, tourism or work
  • weight 400 grams, packed you put in your pocket or backpack


  • S - shoe size to 32-36 / 270 g pair
  • M - from shoe size 36-40 / 320 g pair
  • L - shoe size from 40-44 / 360 g pair
  • XL - from shoe size 44-48 / 410 g pair
  • XXL - from shoe size 48-52 / 430 g pair


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