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Cooker Jetboil Minimo Carbon

Cooker Jetboil Minimo Carbon

Jetboil MiniMo - compact cooker in the nature! .. more

Availability: 3 days

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Cooker Jetboil Minimo Carbon

A revised Jetboil cooking system designed not only for rapid water heating, but also for cooking in nature.
A reliable, safe and incredibly compact cooking system that is designed not just like most other Jetboil systems for rapid water heating, but also for outdoor cooking.
The MiniMo burner with very gentle gas regulation, the metal handle of the container and the low height container make it easy to cook. Of course there is also minimal gas consumption and compactness of the system. All the components simply fit into the cooking pot and do not take up any unnecessary space in the backpack. The container sits firmly on the cooker so there is no accidental spillage. Jetboil's bottom-mounted heat exchanger significantly reduces heat leakage and increases stove efficiency and reduces gas consumption.
The new pressure regulator has primarily two main advantages over other, unregulated cookers - ensuring the same power up to to the last drop of gas and also ensuring smooth and economical operation at higher altitudes. Ostatní, unregulated cookers lose pressure from the cartridges due to lower atmospheric pressure.

  • New valve and pressure regulator for the finest burner control and minimum gas consumption
  • Metal handle for easy handling when cooking and eating
  • Plastic cap (drinking fountain / pourer / caffetier option).
  • Neoprene cover for less heat loss and easier handling
  • Plastic cup covering the burner, usable as a drinking / food container.
  • Tripod for stability and cartridge isolation.
  • Piezo ignition
  • You do not need special gas - the cooker is on a conventional screw thread
  • Weight : 415 g
  • Volume containers: 1,0 l
  • Bring 0.5 liter of water to boiling : 2 min 15 s (Average time using Jetboil cartridges)
  • 12 liters of water can be boiled up to per 100 g cartridge
  • Weight of stabilizing tripod under cartridge : 27 g
  • Dimensions : 127mm x 152mm


Brands: Jetboil
Intrastat: Vařiče - 0,40 - 73211190
Availability: 3 days


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