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Adventure Menu self-heating capsule 50g

Adventure Menu self-heating capsule 50g

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Adventure Menu self-heating capsule 50g

You do not have time to warm food on the stove? For these cases, there is a self-heating meals for AdventureMenu.

NEW HEATING ARE HERE !!! Introducing a completely new self-heating meals for AdventureMenu. Contrary to initial have several advantages: they are more powerful, give them two meals at once to heat and easier to work with them.

  • 50 g capsules self-heating - heating to 500 grams two main dishes at once !!!

You can only be used with a special bag zipper-bag, which is reusable.
Self-heating, or even flameless chemical heater is a special bag that you alone heats food without the use of stoves and utensils, and it takes 12 minutes! In the meantime, you can set up a tent, light a fire; simply spend time more important than cooking activities.
HEATING works by the exothermic reaction between calcium oxide and water. Our self-heating system consists of heating the capsules (20 g per 500 g food heating; 50 g per 1 kg of food heating) and zipper-bag in which the entire heating takes place.
ATTENTION!!! BEFORE YOU HEATING necessary to meet the exact quantity of water added.


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