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Gymnastic ball Spokey Fitball II 65 cm, including pump, red

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Gymnastic ball Spokey

The Anti-BURST - in case of puncture or overpressure of the ball there is a slow release of air. Elastic material, high quality guarantees durability of the ball.
Gymnastic ball suited to workout anywhere and is recommended for everyone. Suitable for exercise at home as well as to rehabilitation. Exercises on the ball positively affects physical fitness, helps reduce body fat.

The ball has its uses as well as office space: sitting on birth balls, while working with a computer, helps to achieve the correct posture. Thanks to the constant balancing act when a user tries to maintain a balance of body, prevents sore back and spine deformation.

Suitable for multilateral sports, relaxation, rehabilitation and entertainment applications.

Selecting gymnastic ball should match the height of its future owner. Before purchasing it is very important to the individual size of the balls sit. Ball, where your feet will be in the knees clutching greater than a right angle, is most appropriate.
Gymnastic ball, you can choose according to its diameter, which is adapted to the height of a person.

  • Max user weight: 300 kg
  • Material: PVC

Size gymnastic balls are chosen according to growth:

  • ball diameter 45 cm - body height up to 140 cm
  • ball diameter 55 cm - body height of 141-150 cm
  • ball diameter 65 cm - body height of 151-165 cm
  • ball diameter 75 cm - body height of 166-180 cm
  • ball diameter 90 cm - body height of 180 cm

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