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Basic rules of grilling

We grill the first time? Or do you have some experience with a barbecue?

With our tips you'll be in control while grilling utensils like the pros.

It does not matter if you grill boiler, gas or electric grill: get food when grilling delicious flavor and aroma, plus there are many ways to prepare food on the grill. You do everything: roast meat, ham, ribs, whole chicken, turkey, fish, but also cake, bread or pizza. And what is the secret of training?

Indirect grilling with the lid closed

  • Indirect grilling on a grill boiler: Divide the briquettes into two parts and put them to the sides of the boiler. With the lid closed the air to circulate around foods like grilled in a hot air oven and grill gets the flavor. Closing the lid also prevents ignition.

  • Indirect grilling on a gas grill: get the same result as the boiler grill, simply turn on the burners only around grilled food. Drippings from the meat will turn out to Flavorizer aromakolejnice where it will evaporate and the meat acquires an irresistible aroma of barbecue.

The result?
Foods that are cooked using the indirect method, they remain juicy and tender.

The right start


Weber Rapidfire Anzündkamin Our tip: if you want to simplify lighting the grill, use a chimney starter Rapidfire. Fill the chimney briquettes, place it Wednesday fuel grate and place him under lighted lighter cubes. Within 25 minutes you are ready for the barbecue grill. Once the briquettes creates a thin layer of ash, spread evenly over the briquettes either fuel grate and grill and place the briquettes directly or on the sides and so use the indirect grilling method.

Weber Genesis Open the grill lid, the gas cylinder valve and then turn the first valve on the grill to maximum. Wait 2-3 seconds to accumulate enough gas can to ignite. Press the ignition and burner should be the first or second pressing start to burn. Once the first kindled torch, light the same way as others. Close lid and preheat grill to 300 ° C. Place foods to be grilled on the grill and set the valves to the desired position.


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