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Caring for gas grills

Required Tools

Necessary tools, which should always be on hand for quick, simple and regular cleaning of the grill:

  • BBQ Brush
  • Mild detergent or. Weber grills Cleaner
  • Sponge for dishes
  • A small knife
  • Alumisky


Following each grilling: Clean the grill grate.

Before or after the barbecue grill burn. Until it stops smoking, burning is done. Then just use a brush to clean the grill grate.

If necessary:

  • Alumisky: alumisky replace regularly, pay attention to their quality. Only alumisky Weber have an optimum shape and thickness for the same space with removable grease drip tray beneath the pot.
  • Smoke stains from the grill lid or side cooker: simply remove stains Cleaner Weber grills. Traces of smoke will be most visible on the new grill, specifically the transition points between the side of the grill and lid, and attaching the thermometer. After several times using the grill creates steam from the greasy grill a specific layer, which are already traces of smoke will appear.
  • Aromakolejnice: no need to disassemble for cleaning. In the phase prior to preheating the grill to barbecue anything clinging to aromakolejnicích, burns and falls into the ashtray. Once in a while is just brush grill brush.
  • BBQ restaurant and a side: do not leave any greasy spots on the outer parts of the grill, grease interferes with painting. Upon their removal, use only cleaner Weber grills or weak soap solution. Then rinse thoroughly. Never use strong cleaners or lemon-based, you can also disrupt the layer of lacquer.
  • Funnel at the bottom of the tub grill: Remove the cool (never hot!) Bath and carefully clean it first from the remnants of food. If you need more thorough cleaning, use warm soapy solution. Be careful not to scratch the surface. (DO not tell foil inside the tub, it could accumulate fat in it and so could cause a fire.)



Do not paint or wax cover. With porcelain coating your next barbecue does not need additional surface treatment. Porcelain is much stronger than any type of paint and wax would be melted when warming up the grill. If you want to occasionally wash the dust and any dirt from the grill, use warm soapy solution.


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