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Dynastar Technology


Dynastar Technology Overview




Dynastar Autodrive technology has developed - a concept that brings an extraordinary increase in utility properties of skis in all categories. This creates a new dynamic skiing that lends a modern driving on the edge of a new dimension - the precise deployment and running of the arc, perfect transmission of forces in conducting arc acceleration in the end, the high overall stability skis, perfect hold on the ice. The secret lies in the Autodrive technology integration tříkonstrukčních technologies (shell tip, classic sandwich construction Wednesday and Friday skis sidewalls slidably gripped plate) to one ski together with a unique construction boards.

Integration of the three construction technology

[1] TOE. Accurate skis bend in both directions - in and imbued in flexion. Energy conservation, stability along the entire length, excellent edging predictability.
[2] BOARD. Gliding fasteners pad for optimal binding skis to arc less effort to control, control accuracy.
[3] Friday. It causes an acceleration effect, which ensures a quick transition into the next turn without losing speed and control during the arc - no skid skis, she still goes over the edge. Checking the strong support acceleration at the exit from the arc.





New Technology Autodrive Fluid delivers driving power and accuracy. Allows the natural deflection skis and thus invites skiers to hitherto unknown world of the motorcycleving. Autodrive Fluid system not only optimizes all phases of the arc (firmer grip and efficient reverse reaction), but also improves the mechanical connections between the elements skis (tip, Wednesdays, Fridays), the various phases of the arc (initiation, conduct and termination).

[1] a) Middle panel: connects three mechanical elements skis.
b) Rubber bumper
[2] a) The board is at the start of the arc in close connection with the shell of her skis and allows precise control.
[3] Board of titanal works as side plates and due to its strength allows efficient power transfer.
[4] The arc plate freely bends and allows for accurate control of deflection of the ski.
[5] Once the load is released skis, a compressed spring transmits all the stored energy to the foot.


Technology Autodrive


[1] AutoDrive FLEX
Racing board uses a patented connecting monocoque and sandwich construction skis with various high-sided, two-piece fitted interconnected plate. Energy stored in the middle of the ski under the boot has targeted in three directions and gives the ski excellent grip and stability in the arch. The resulting effect is the precision, excellent grip and sharp exit from the arc.

Technology Autodrive with titanalovou or composite plate. Between the plate and the skis are additionally added 4 inserts polymer (Rebound System) working essentially on the principle of springs or air cushions. Shock absorption, when entering the curve "absorb" the energy and leave it on the contrary, is released. Advantages - higher acceleration at the entrance of the arch, its excellent cushioning, perfect contact with the snow skis accuracy.

[3] Autodrive SD
Linking sandwich and shell structures. Character design enhances the ability of the materials from which it is made available, absorb annoying vibrations and inequality. Specially shaped foot skis allows a constant control skis and causes an acceleration effect. Advantages - perfect grip on ice, precise control over the entire curve, higher certainty and at high speed and on ice.

[4] Autodrive W EXCLUSIVE
Technology designed exclusively for women, combining monocoque and sandwich construction on most models with two-piece plate, which improves contact with the snow skis. The result is better control over the skis, easy and comfortable operation and therefore enjoyment with minimum effort. Shaping the foot skis helps to better sagittal balance. Increased vertical sidewalls exactly the way in which women typically translate pressure into the ski edges.

[5] AutoDrive FLUID
NEW Autodrive Fluid technology not only optimizes all phases of the arc (firmer grip and efficient reverse reaction), but also improves the mechanical connections between the elements skis (tip, Wednesdays, Fridays) and individual phases of arc (initiation, conduct and termination).


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