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Grilling in the winter

When it snows ...

Rain ... hail ... and why should it matter? If you like barbecue, cook - regardless of the weather.

Equipped with lid Weber grills are all usable in all weather. When the rain outside, you do not get wet. For frost, you can heat up the grill. In any case, however, are grilled dishes with grilled hatch covers and away, without the need for turning the open grill. Your grill is working for you.

Weber grills are manufactured in Chicago, Illinois, where they are automatically tested for extreme weather conditions. "Thanks to our extremely cold winters with lots of snow, humid summers and lots of light is the Chicago area for optimal testing of our barbecue grills. "Says Mike Kempster of research and development department of Weber.

The result? Full barbeque experience to which we would expect from the summer months, the same quality in winter. And you have all the time in dry and warm! Try to prepare roasted goose for Christmas or New Year's carp, just try grilling certainly no winter this year.



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