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Hiking shoes – high-top or low-rise?

Low-rise shoes have became hiking boots hit – they look sporty and can be used for everyday city walks as well as for light hikes in easy terrain.Mostly used materials are textiles, cordura, leather etc. also membrane became an important part of the shoe to protect you from humidity seeping into your shoes. Moreover provides you with moisture evaporation , ensuring comfort more often thank just while hiking. Low-rise hiking shoes can be used from spring to autumn. They are light, excellent for their stability in the terrain, waterproof and have modern look.

High-top hikihg shoes are suitable for challenging alpine hiking, mountain trails, several day trips with backpack but also for easy hiking. They will provide you with maximum feet and ankle protection. Soles are stable on every terrain and protect you from slipping on the most sharp descends. They are popular among all tourists. Can be worn from spring to autumn. High-top hiking shoes with membrane can be used also in winter time.


It is important to make clear for what purpose the shoes will be used – alpine hiking or easy trips and city walks. According to this criteria we should choose between high-top or low-rise boots. The rule is – the more difficult terrain the more stable the boot.


Hiking boots are very popular kind of shoes. They are light, and the most often used materials are: synthetic fabric, cordura, leather (hide, suede leather, nubuck leather, velours leather).
The most popular shoes are all leather shoes. However they demand thorough and regular care. New technologies brought nes solutions and materials to the market. Our ancestors have never heard about vibram soles, membranes and syntehics that are used for the production nowadays. Hiking shoes are very often made of a combination of above mentioned materials.


Hiking shoes with leather top combined with solid fabric lining and membrane inside is the best choice. Gore-tex, sympatex and comtec are among the best membranes. Membranes are semipermeable – waterproof and beathable. If the shoe is made of leather, it is a pig leather which will ensure long durability of the boots.Textile lining made of synthtetics are highly breathable, but don’t provide high abrasion resistance. Therefore boots equipped with membrane are the best choice.


Sole is a very important part of hiking boots. It ensures a safe contact with terrain and differs accorting to use. The most popular are sole are Vibram® which provides high comfort in demanding terrain.
The right size of the shoe is necessary for comfortable walk, but also minimum amount of seams on the upper to protect you from pressure and scraping. Sometimes seams are taped so they also provide additional waterproof characteristic. 

Now you know all necessary information for chosing the right hiking shoes. Take a walk in your new shoes! You can chose from a wide variety of hiking shoes – high-top and low-rise. We will provide you with traditional, prestigious makes like SalewaGrisportDurasAsoloMondeox, AdidasTevaMerrell and more.

If you’re still not sure what to choose, contact us. We will be delighted to help.



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