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How to choose the inline skates?

Are you looking forward for a nice weather that is just perfect for a ride on the inline skates? What about the new inline skates? Do you know how to choose? Read carefully the lines below and choose.

One of the main criteria for selecting the inline skates is the style of your ride, that is, whether you are a beginner or an advanced skater. You should also choose according to what purpose the skates will be used for, whether for conditional riding, speed riding or you just want to try riding on the ramps in the skate park. You should also think about how often you will ride.

Types of inline skates

Recreational or fitness skates are especially for those who want to skate 1- 2x a week. They are mainly for beginners, nevertheless advanced skaters can also use them. It depends on the quality of manufacture. Many fitness skates are designed for regular ride, and are well adapted to withstand the load. They are suitable enough for demanding skaters and very intense riding. Another type are Aggressive skaters - these skates require perfectly mastered skating technique and very high load resistance. Compared to normal skates, they are heavier and more durable. They are not good for running on inline trails, because they are slower due to the small wheels. They are suitable for jumping and performing various tricks.

Special edition offers adjustable inline skates for children. Adjustable size of children's skates has three sizes – can be set mostly by simply pressing the button on the skate.

How important is the size and hardness of the wheels?

The size of the wheel primarily has an impact on skate’s efficiency and your riding style. With smaller wheels you can expect greater stability and maneuverability, but a slower ride and worse overcoming of minor bumps. With larger wheels it is exactly the opposite. If you are a beginner, you are definitely better with smaller wheels. Wheel dimensions are given in millimeters, the first figure is the wheel diameter, the second figure shows the width of the wheel. Wheels size should be focused on according to your skills:

  • Beginners: 78-80 mm
  • Intermediate: 82 – 84 mm
  • Experienced: 90 a více

Hardness of the wheel is marked in units of A as 70A . Indication means that the higher the number, the greater the hardness of the wheel. Hard wheels (78A - 82A) are faster than the soft ones, have less grip and greater carry of shocks to the frame skates, so they are less comfortable. They also wear out more, therefore are preferable for the inner surfaces. Soft wheels (82A or more) comparing to hard wheels are slower, they absorb more shocks, therefore are more suitable for outdoor use, or for difficult surfaces. They hold up better in the corners. All wheels have a thickness (width) 24 mm.

The type and size of shoe

You should choose roller skates half- size or even one size larger to fit into skates thicker sock. If you are buying shoes in on-line store, you should pay attention to the size. Measure the length of your foot from the heel to the end of the thumb and compare according to the size of tables. Numbering of some manufacturers may not be consistent with the classical numbering of shoes. If you have a chance to try out a shoe, it should never push too much.

Riding in two or single?

When you are choosing your skates, think about the style of your ride – if you will ride alone, or in a group. In case you are planning to ride in groups or in two, is good to choose the type of skates used by others. As mentioned above, different size and hard wheels also mean a different speed. If you want to enjoy your ride in two, it is good to keep this in mind when you buy your skates and adapt the choice accordingly. Generally, fitness skates are more suitable for beginners.

Remember about your safety - equipment pads, helmet and different reflective elements are also advisable..


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