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On bike only with cyclist clothing

The necessity for a comfortable and enjoyable bike ride is a good and functional cyclist clothing. They will provide good ventilation, freedom of movement and good thermoregulation of the body. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of products, which includes professional cycling clothing and clothing for recreational riding. Cyclist clothing is not only functional and "fits" well, but also looks great. You can find different types of clothing in several designs, patterns and colors.

It is advisable to combine cycling clothes with thermal underwear. You can use lightweight thermal underwear under the cycling clothes during whole cycling season. 


Basic equipment for all cyclists is cycling pants. They provide comfort on long rides and don’t limit you in pedaling. They are available in several sizes - short , three-quarter , long. They’re made of solid, quick-drying material with water-repellent finish, they are lightweight and breathable. They can be with or without braces, tend to have a pocket on the back and slip-resistant silicone bands on the legs.

Bike pants have luminescent elements that are variously placed on the product (at the seams, brand logo, side stripes, etc.) There are two types of bike pants – elastic trousers with stitched, anatomically shaped padding and free cut trousers with a separate removable lining. Free MTB cut of pant usually have separate inner pants with cycling pad. At first glance, it is not often recognized, that the pants have a liner. Inner leg pants are usually finished with fine rubber bands, which prevent sliding off. Lining bike pants are antibacterial, very comfortable are insoles gel Coolmax. Elastic bike pants may also be a panel cut (six , seven ...), pants are made ​​of high quality elastic Lycra Power, which ensures comfort and good quality of the product.

Besides the summer bike pants, there are also pants with padding and softshell membrane which are especially comfortable in the autumns and winters bike rides. A good addition in some types of pants that many cyclists will appreciate, is a hole for an MP3 player in your pocket.


If you have bike pants, it is good to look for a cycling jersey, which will perfectly accompany the cycling equipment. Cycling jerseys can be used for winter season – there are made ​​of Thermo TX material (insulated material with a fleece inside). For the summer season, they are made ​​of quick-drying jerseys cool-dry material, that can instantly take away sweat and keep the body dry and in a optimum temperature. We offer a wide range of contemporary designs, colors and patterns, everyone can choose something. Cycling jerseys have full zip, and also short zipper on the front. They also have a pocket on the back, a reflective treatment and mesh structure for good ventilation in the underarm and back. You can buy jersey with long or short sleeves, or even sleeveless. Cycling shirts are also comfortable, women models offer an internal bra, highly appreciated by women cyclists.


Useful and almost indispensable part of cyclist equipment, are cycling jackets. Their main advantage is the ability to pack the jacket into a small bag with waterproof zippers, which help easy attachment of the waterproof jacket to the bicycle frame. Rain and wind won’t surprise you! Cycling jackets have detachable sleeves. After unbuckling them you will get short sleeve jersey or vest. Cycling jackets tend to have an aired back, a waist, and back pocket. Their advantage is extended backrest and extended sleeves. Jackets are waterproof (membrane in the front and on the sleeves) tend to have taped and windproof seams. Jacket hoods can be folded into the collar, and usually they have regulated size. Cycling jackets are made of dull nylon, from softshell material and other quality materials.


Each cyclist will appreciate the usefulness of cycling gloves. Gel puddings soften a grip on handlebars and absorb vibrations on the bike and soak the sweat from your hands. They also protect your hands against abrasion in case of a fall. The market offers universal gloves as well as gloves ergonomically adapted to masculine, feminine and childlike hands. There are comfortable eyelets for easy take off. There is a non-slippery material on palms, on the upper side is absorbent terry material that allows wiping sweat while riding. Assortment includes both gloves with short and long fingers. Particularly suitable for autumn and winter season are insulated gloves with membrane, in the summer you will appreciate the lightweight ventilated ones.

Cyclist clothing is the right choice for every cyclist, whether you ride a bike every day, or once a month. Cyclist clothing is specially manufactured and tailored for cycling. It gives you convenience, comfort and enjoyable experience on a bike. Cyclist clothing is high quality, waterproof, breathable and lightweight.



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