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Orders with

What is a Buy eat?

It's a quick payment method that works as follows:

  • select your merchandise and paste it to your shopping motorcyclet
  • select a payment method for sure Buy
  • After ordering we will send you the goods immediately
  • home and try to expand it
  • if you are satisfied with it, you pay within 14 days

Buy for sure will pay for your shipment Gamisportu immediately, you then within 14 days from receipt of pay on behalf of buy and eat.


How are paying?

After submitting your order, please contact your registered e-mail address payment order from Buy for sure with a due date within 14 days of receipt.

The price of goods is summed and charge companies Buy dine at the price of 39 CZK. The fee must be paid even if you decide to goods within 14 days to go back. For more information please visit Buy

What if I want to return the goods?

The main advantage of buying a Buy for sure is that the goods will pay up to the moment when it will give you full satisfaction and will respond label and photographs. Because you do not have to worry about a wrongly selected size, cut, color and so on. Buy for sure is the only payment method. Any vácení goods to always consult directly with!

Need more information?

Any inquiries regarding the special offer "Orders to Buy for sure" be glad to answer by calling +420 558 988 147, or e-mail address


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