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Perfect sports jacket? Softshell!

Softshell jackets provide comfort and are elegant at the same time. They are designed primarily for sports activities, but are also perfect for the city and for other activities. There are a lot of different models and designs on the market.

By the term softshell you’ll find different types of multilayer modern materials, that are used to produce a high-quality sport and outdoor clothing.

Softshell is generally made of three layers (inner materials and membranes). On the Czech market you can find two different types - a membrane softshell and a woven softshell. Membrane softshell is made of three layers – there is a membrane between the inner and outer layer. In contrast, woven softshell is only made from the special weaving fibers. This variant guarantees lightness, strength and elasticity.

Softshell clothing is manufactured in order to suit all weather conditions. It is perfect especially for spring, autumn and winter. Clothes made of this material are mainly waterproof, breathable, windproof and thermal resistant.

  • WATERPROOF – the material is waterproof by the European standards and it can withstand the pressure of 2000 mm water column. For the real outdoor activity it‘s a necessary material, which can withstand the pressure of 10.000mm water column, whereas a textile material in various activities is exposed to different pressures.

  • BREATHABILITY – is measured in g/m2 per 24 hours. RET is expressed in numbers, and it’s important to RET values ​​were higher than 6 for outdoor activities. This means that in 24 hours, the material should be able to release more than 20 000 g/m2 water vapor.

Classification of substances in units Ret:

  • Ret < 6 - very good (> 20 000 g/m2 per 24 h)
  • Ret = 6 - 13 - good (from 9 000 do 20 000 g/m2 per 24 h)
  • Ret = 13 - 20 - satisfactory (od 5 000 do 9 000 g/m2 per 24 h)
  • Ret > 20 - unsatisfactory(< 5 000 g/m2 per 24 h)

  • WINDPROOF – it is achieved by using the membrane between the two layers (inner and outer) of the material. Mostly it is used GoreTex membrane, sometimes Sympatex and others, which prevents the penetration of wind through the material. However, greater windproof reduce breathability.

  • HEAT RESISTANT – it is a material attribute, which is created by your own body heat, insulated and impervious to the outside. Thermal resistance is measured in units K.m2 / W. The lowest value, the better material insulates.

Softshell is an excellent modern material, which guarantees quality and comfort. Softshell jackets, pants and shoes are suitable for all weather, thanks to its excellent material properties. On the market you can find a lot of softshell clothes, different price and quality. It’s good to trust renowned brands with a long tradition and experience, such as Direct Alpine, Husky, Trimm, Salewa, Adidas, Pinguin, Silvini and others.


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