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Sno-Seal provides footwear from smooth leather with a natural face maximum protection against humidity and a longer life for years to come. Oil-tanned leather or chrome possible after removal of any factory coating easily treated with Sno-Seal. (For higher gloss and temporary protection against abrasion is often used in the production of water-soluble glycerine or motorcyclenauba wax.) Before application of Sno-Seal has new shoes washed in a solution of detergent Sport-Wash or neutral liquid dish detergent and let dry completely.

Sno-Seal also protects split, sanded, suede, untreated and recycled leather. These materials need the protection of Sno-Seal, but application of Sno-Seal will change their appearance. Sno-Seal coats the exposed fibers and fill surface gaps, these materials with a natural face darkens and slicker surface.

Sno-Seal can also be applied to the skin treated with silicone, if he ceases disturbed and worn out silicone layer to fulfill its function. Silicone Water-Guard and Extreme Water-Guard from companies and Atsko Inc. can be applied quickly and easily by spraying or applicator and superior to any other silicone equal. But no silicone can provide the durable protection against moisture as Sno-Seal. When silicone treated boots can no longer resist water, simply scrub the remaining silicone skin solution with Sport-Wash or dish detergent. Then leave a couple of days and slowly dry according to instructions apply Sno-Seal.

Boots with Gore-Tex® to be protected with Sno-Seal as well as shoes without membranes. Sno-Seal does not affect the function of the Gore-Tex® membrane and protect the surface of the shoes from moisture and other adverse effects. To be breathable Gore-Tex® useful, it must be inside of the leather dry and free of grease or oil, so that it can absorb the sweat from your feet. At night this moisture will evaporate through the membrane from the boots out. The next day will be re-boots dry and comfortable. The Gore-Tex® your foot to protect against moisture from the outside, but Sno-Seal will keep your boot warmer and lighter because the outer shoe nenasákne water and the water leaking into the space between the skin and membrane. Water-soaked skin may increase the weight of one shoe up to 0.7 kg.

Why is Sno-Seal so good? Sno-Seal owes its excellence two factors: firstly, their ability to remain fixed in the outer skin layer and secondly the ability of beeswax thoroughly to repel water. Beeswax has a melting point around 63 ° C. It is very dry and neolejovatí and is also extremely mechanically resistant. Sno-Seal soaks into the shoe just enough in normal use prevent hardening of the skin. Does not soften leather. It was invented in 1933 by Ome Daiber to waterproof leather mountain climbing and downhill ski boots. Its advantage was that the boots without destroying the stiffness required to climb or steer a ski.

Creams, oils, animal fats and most other wax formulas are temperatures at wearing and storage in a liquid state or at least soft enough to penetrate through the skin, not as Sno-Seal. After application of the volatile components fulfill its task to impregnate the heated skin Sno-Seal and completely evaporated. Remains them hard wax at a temperature lower than 63 ° C can not penetrate deeper.

Comparison with other methods of impregnation: creams, oils, and animal fats, including certain types of silicones, soak away from the surface and penetrate through the skin. To maintain effective surface concentration require frequent re-applications. After a time the heel counters and box toes soften. The skin becomes soft and spongy, and impregnating agent appears on the socks, which means that penetrated through the skin. Animal fats become rancid, decaying leather and promoting fungal growth. Finally, the leather is so rotten the eyelets in lace rip. Saturated leather can not absorb perspiration and loses its insulation properties. In such foot feels clammy and cold. S Sno-Seal, the beeswax stays where you need it, on the surface of the skin. Leather remains open and dry, in order to isolate and simultaneously absorb sweat legs. In that after the application remains in the same place, Sno-Seal guarantees that there is no weakening of thermal or adhesive bonds, a common problem with silicones and other liquids.

Who can when selecting impregnating composition believe? For obvious reasons, a number of vendors recommended Shine impregnating agent on which their name, even if there is a better agent. Perhaps the surest way to get boots on the right agent is to find such a shoe manufacturer that supplies a sample of impregnation (not manufactured) in every new pair of shoes. Shoe manufacturers are finding that the number of complaints decreased significantly when motivate customers to properly motorcyclee for leather shoes přibalením suitable means. Throughout the world today, you will find when you purchase shoes from manufacturers brands like L L Bean to Sorel often bundled sample of Sno-Seal than samples from other manufacturers.

Sno-Seal can also be used for gloves, coats of an oil canvas, riding leggings, belts, hats, and other equipment exposed to humidity and rain. Leather shoes and gloves that are subject to frequent contact with salt water, lasts four times longer when treated with Sno-Seal. Industrial environment polluted by acidic, alkaline, blood, and abrasives can shorten the life of the boots, gloves, aprons and others. Such and leather items will last longer, clean up easier and provide better protection if they maintained with Sno-Seal.

Wood can be finished with Sno-Seal so that a durable "natural look". Sno-Seal can be applied over an oil stain for a satin finish that resists water.

Equestrians recognize the value of Sno-Seal for harnesses, saddles, scabbards and all leather protection. Sno-Seal will make an old horse blanket absolutely waterproof. Farriers apply Sno-Seal to hoofs to prevent softening from excess moisture and also to prevent brittleness and splitting from excessive dryness.

Boots, gloves, holster, etc. Will retain its strength for years, but if you are treated with beeswax. Baseball glove can be softened small amount of mineral oil. After reaching the right shape for a hand ball and apply beeswax and keep the glove in this very form throughout its life.

After more than 60 years, customers have been telling us, how successfully they manage Sno-Seal to protect severely dry skin on the hands, feet, knees, elbows, lips, etc.. For this reason we have developed a Sno-Seal new composition. Now you can use on your skin Pro-Tech-Skin, which also contains beeswax. Pro-Tech-Skin has already proven effective for psoriasis, diaper rash, dry and chapped skin and cuticles associated with frequent washing, dry cold weather, and advancing age. That preserves its natural moisture Pro-Tech-Skin allows the skin to heal itself.

Silicones offer easy application, but not as water resistant as Sno-Seal. Silicones resist water in two ways. The first is similar to wax, cream, oil and animal fat: just fill the pores in the skin to prevent water into them. Compared Sno-Seal and other wax products that fill the pores better permanently and in a single place, here silicone has such effectiveness. The second method is by reducing surface tension so that water beads up and splashing the surface.

Fluoropolymers operate similarly, but in comparison with silicones decrease when successful surface tension further so that the surface is not "wet", even oil and some solvents. It is for this reason fluoropolymer unmatched protection against contamination. Impregnating agents are silicone usually contain solvents as silicone compositions based on water (water silicone emulsion) can not match the performance of the solvent. Its function variety of solvents, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Non-flammable solvents harmful to the environment. I flammable solvents are volatile organic compounds, but some of them more harmful than others.

Atsko Inc. manufactures highly efficient catalyzed silicone Silicone Water-Guard and Extreme Water-Guard. We always use premium solvent that has a higher ignition temperature (less dangerous because it can ignite up at a much higher temperature), lower odor and load environment of any in its class. This solvent requires more drying time, but we believe that our customers would be in the knowledge of these facts make the same choice. Because we use highly concentrated catalyzed silicone (a resin that cross-links for maximum durability), provides Silicone Water-Guard and Water-Guard effective repellence with a single application, saving time, money and solvent a second application. Silicone Water-Guard and Water-Guard Extreme is supplied entirely recyclable container made ​​of sheet steel. Of all the material in the world Steel is the most recycled. We use as a propellant in spray CO2. Are collected as a byproduct of other manufacturing processes and emptying cans with a volume of 355 ml, the mere 3.5 grams of CO2.

For many of our competitors as the propellant used by more than 75 ounces of explosive Propane-Isobutane. When used as propellant propane-isobutane, which is used primarily as a fuel, the quality of the product improves, but it greatly statement of net weight of the product to which the propane-isobutane included and yet is heavy and is inexpensive.

Fluoropolymers are intended for use on textiles for stain protection. In order to hold the fabric require very clean surfaces. In the manufacture orient the molecules at a temperature of 150 ° C so as to provide the most effective protection. Applied under perfect conditions they work well and last for the lifetime of the garment. But it must not impair the functionality of detergent residues or air pollution.

Fluoropolymers are generally superior for oil and stain repellency but generally inferior to silicone and wax. Full effectiveness Fluoropolymer treatments on textiles production can be restored by washing with Sport-Wash to remove dirt and other detergent and then Ironing on Steam. For Fluoropolymers results are not always as good, a lot depends on the type of fabric. Baking at 150 ° C, as in textile mill applications is impossible for boots. It is also difficult to keep boots clean enough for maximum repellency.

When treating bot is definitely Fluoropolymers are better left for applications where Appearance is more important than long-term protection against moisture in demanding conditions. So what is important in protecting the bot? When appearance is more important than protecting against moisture, especially in light suede, you can use the product based on Fluoropolymers Permanent Water-Guard. The silicone skin and tanned skin with a rough finish, use Silicone Water-Guard or Water-Guard Extreme. On smooth skin with a natural face tanned with oil and chromium use Sno-Seal. Sno-Seal is since 1933 the most efficient, most durable and best skin protection in harsh environments.

It is still the original impregnation beeswax Sno-Seal is still the best.


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