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Safety instructions

Safety precautions when grilling

  • If the ignition, turn off the burner and slide the grilled food to another part of the grilling surface. The flames extinguished themselves very soon. Then light the grill again.


  • Never extinguish the flames with water!

  • Deployment of the grill lid and regulators close air circulation will extinguish the boiler grill. For gas grill, close the valves.
  • Please be sure a fire extinguisher ready.
  • Never put any film in the funnel. Could impede the smooth flow of fat dripping into the bowl on fat. Fat has a tendency to trap in the folds of foil and ignite.
  • Place the grill at least 3 feet away from combustible material.
  • Never use the grill inside, in the garage or under any shelter.
  • Never use alcohol or other lighter fluids.
  • Ensure that children and domestic animals away from the grill.
  • After the barbecue grill on the boiler and close the grill lid to close all controllers and air circulation.
  • The gas barbecue grill, close the valves and disconnect the gas bottle.


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