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Simple ignition

Boiler ignition and gas grills - simply and reliably

Boiler ignited the grill

  1. Open the hatch and all circulation of air controllers
  2. Create a pyramid of briquettes prepared or use the Weber Rapidfire chimney starter (see section 3)
  3. Place the briquette lighter cubes (leave no taste or odor and does not contain harmful substances) and burn them. If you use a chimney starter, put the first three lighted cubes lighter fuel on the grate and they just put the chimney.
  4. Once the briquettes coated with a thin layer of ash (time is dependent on the quality of briquettes about 20-30 minutes), spread them on the fuel grate as required by the chosen method of grilling.
  5. Place on barbecue grill rack.
  6. Place the prepared food on the grill grate.
  7. Close the lid. Needed for grilling, see the appropriate recipe.
  8. If the heat of the grill should be stronger, use more fuel. If you need a weaker glow, just less briquettes.
  9. If you want grilled food got exceptional taste, smoking, use of hardwood chips (crisps soak about 30 minutes before grilling to the water, excess water is necessary before using squeeze) or fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme and bay leaf. Herb is also a need to pre-soak. Place chips or herbs directly on briquettes.

Charcoal or briquettes?
Charcoal burns very rapidly, giving rise to a large amount of swirling ash, which can contaminate the food being prepared. Although charcoal is preferable to the purchase price, but overall costs based on the grill using charcoal expensive. Weber BBQ briquettes unlike charcoal issued uniform heat and allow more precise temperature control. Among its other advantages include a longer heating value and the possibility of reuse after the quench (and regulators close the lid with hot air circulation extinguishes briquettes). Briquettes be stored in a closed container in a dry place. Moist pellets are difficult to ignite and burn poorly.


Ignition of gas grill

  1. Open the hatch. Check the amount of gas in a gas bottle. All controllers should be closed.
  2. Open the gas supply from gas bottle.
  3. Light a gas grill according to the instructions, ie press the ignition or use matches. As a general principle that when the ignition is switched on first single burner. As soon as the first torch is burning, you may turn on others.
  4. Close lid and preheat grill it. Expect about a 10-15 minutes. Then adjust the recipe according to the prepared grill food.


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