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Technology Head


HEAD Metallix ™


No chain is strong enough to bound the power of HEAD Metallix ™ is made of a crystal matrix of motorcyclebon fibers and is one of the lightest and stiffest material news today.


HEAD Metallix ™


Made of Speciani designed matrix of motorcyclebon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy. The grain size in this alloy is 1000 times smaller than a conventional metal. Reducing grain size means increased performance: smaller grains = tighter material. The result is a lighter, stronger and more powerful rocket than it's ever been.

  • 1) 1000x reduced grain Metallix ™
  • 2) Conventional grain

    HEAD Stabilizer


    The new HEAD Stabilizer minimizes vibration rockets and ensures maximum comfort during every strike




    Lowering the bridge in a new and unique racket frame creates LMS (Longer Main String) larger striking surface without growing larger total surface missiles. The player has a larger surface area for optimum punch and better handling.


    HEAD Flexpoint (in Power Control)


    Opening hole + = Flexpoint ™ Two slots on the racket head in the 3 and 9 o'clock along deploying strong missile reins. Construction of wells increases flexibility by reducing the thickness of the frame up to 25%, while the larger hole zone increases the flexibility of up to 50%.

    S the support of technology Liquidmetal® Flexpoint ™ technology overcomes the limits of traditional appearance of rockets using two precision-designed checkpoints, thereby to rekey creates a revolutionary new flex point (Flexpoint).




    Technology protection against tennis elbow

    Medical studies show: Rockets Protector bring significant relief from pain.

    According to the medical and scientific tests * among missiles HEAD Protector with electronic damping system EDS (Electronic Dampening System) and the same missiles without this system a significant clinical difference. Players with acute and chronic symptoms of tennis elbow, who played with placebo product (s missile Protector without EDS) have not had any significant pain relief, even from a subjective or an objective point of view. It was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Two equal groups randomly selected test persons with acute or chronic tennis elbow received just looking test missiles.

    HEAD Electronic Dampening System

    Patented electronic damping system EDS is active electronically controlled system that generates ball at impact disturbing protivibrace, thereby dampening the load arm through impact and vibration.

    HEAD Protector Cushion Grip ™

    The unique technology of air chambers and a top elastomer surface provide superior comfort and protection against slippage along with suppression of residual vibration.

    HEAD Protector ™ 16 String

    Connection RIP technology and advanced materials absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring maximum comfort and protection.




    Head EDS System


    HEAD EDS system reduces the effect of the initial impact of more than 50% and removes residual vibrations twice as fast as conventional rocket.


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