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Trends in cycling collection 2015

Outdoor market in recent years dominated by natural materials. Among the most popular and functionally powerful renewable materials include wool Merino . Its acquisition, processing and disposal at end of life cycle does not burden nature. If you have not met with this wave, you feel hurt, you were a lot deprived.

This is a 100% natural material that has excellent thermoregulation properties. Merino is very soft sheep's wool, very frizzy, dull appearance. For this natural fiber is produced mainly quality functional underwear.

Thanks to the excellent properties of this wave is wearing clothes feel "sticky" as synthetic fibers. Moreover, the ability to withstand the wave for a long time odorless. Tests have shown that even after two weeks of wear after multiple and repeated sweating of Merino wool clothes smell. Moreover, this material is almost non-creasing. The ideal combination, do not you think?

Did you know that...?

  • Clothes made of wool is breathable, comfortable and pleasant to the touch - without scratching.
  • It is suitable for allergy sufferers and children.
  • It protects us from ultraviolet rays.
  • Warm, even when wet.
  • It withstands high temperatures and open flames.
  • Functional clothing from Merino wool machine washable.

Merino wool has long been successfully rolled synthetic materials. He holds powerful weapons, few of her wins.

What you from my own experience, we recommend we do?

Functional clothing brand:

Devold - this is a Norwegian manufacturer 160letou history and tradition
Zajo - a Slovak pioneer in tourist clothes
Salewa - Munich certainty in the field of outdoor equipment and clothing
Kama - and domestic manufacturers fell under the spell of Merino wool
Sensor - Czech producer mindful of quality and innovation

All products of wool Merino find in our section MERINO WOOL .


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