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Weber BBQ briquettes

Weber BBQ briquettes - we recommend and we know why

Charcoal or briquettes? The difference in the quality of fuel used will greatly affect the taste of grilled food. Although charcoal is preferable to the purchase price, but overall costs based on the grill using charcoal expensive. Due to the shorter time of combustion is due to a greater quantity of fuel. In addition, there is the burning of swirling ash, which can contaminate the food being prepared. Also, the calorific value of charcoal is not uniform at the beginning of heat is very high, but rapidly diminishes.

Advantages of using briquettes

  • Weber BBQ briquettes is developing an even heat and thus allow better temperature control and thus a better result barbecue. They are characterized by longer and has a calorific value nedohořené briquettes can be used again.
  • Using Rapidfire chimney starter to simplify and shorten the ignition briquettes ready waiting for the grill for 30 minutes. Any further ignition no longer needed.
  • Starting chimney is filled with barbecue briquettes and Weber laid podpalovacími with up to 3 dice on fuel grate.
  • Light the lighter cubes. After about 30 minutes briquettes are hot and coated with a thin layer of gray ash. Then just spread the briquettes as needed on the fuel grate.
  • We recommend the use of Weber lighter cubes which leave no taste or odor, does not contain harmful substances and does not water.



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