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Brand ARENA has been in business since 1973. It was founded by Horst Dassler (son of the founder of Adidas) to help athletes win in swimming competitions through the most technologically advanced swimsuit. Arena specializes in the manufacture of racing, training and beach swimwear for men, women Continue and children . In addition, also manufactures swimming goggles, water shoes, sandals and many more, all at the highest level.

Swimwear for men, women and children, swimming goggles, gowns, pareos, sandals, water shoes and beach and sports bags - all branded Arena is a guarantee of the highest quality, sophisticated details, latest innovations. They Worldwide famous athletes in competitive swimming knows that the swimwear brand Arena and clothing for them is the best solution that will help them win. Therefore, the brand Arena cooperates with the world's best swimmers and based on their requirements produces top quality swimwear.

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