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Gas stoves, cookware brand motorcycletridges and VAR is produced in the Czech Republic. The company has a long tradition and its products is constantly improving. Cookers VARs are already a number of years not only popular among climbers and alpine hikers and enthusiasts motorcyclerying out dangerous expedition, but also among vacationers, fishermen, etc. Cookers VAR are storable, they protect the flame, thanks to the reduction, They can be connected to a bomb. In addition to selling at a reasonable price, so there is no problem.

VAR Czech company producing gas stoves, motorcycletouches and quality camping utensils. Any VAR brand products are made ​​from quality materials are rigorously tested before they reach the customer. This gives the VAR brand has many supporters, both among climbers and expeditionary tourists and among vacationers, lovers of camping, fishermen and the like.

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